Brass Scrap Metal

Brass is a gold-colored alloy of copper and zinc. Alloys are a merging of two different metals, or they can be a metal combined with an element. Brass also contains approximately 2% lead, which is added to improve mach-inability. Brass is commonly used in decorative, mechanical and architectural functions and can be found in locks, gears, door knobs, valves, plumbing fixtures, electrical appliances and musical instruments. Read more about scrap metal uses on Long Island. 

Compared to bronze or zinc, brass has a higher malleability. This is due to its low melting point and its flow characteristics. You can vary the properties of brass compositions, which allows for the creation of hard and soft brasses, thus a relatively easy material to cast.

Brass is a highly recyclable material and today nearly 90% of all brass alloys are recycled. This is due to the fact that brass is not ferromagnetic and can be separated from ferrous scrap by passing the scrap near a giant, powerful magnet. Brass scrap is then collected and delivered to a factory, where it is then melted and recast into its desired size and form. Since brass is generally soft, it can be machined with the use of cutting fluid, which makes it a desirable material.

At Irving's Recyclables, we buy and recycle Long Island scrap metal. Brass is one of many Long Island scrap metals which can be brought down by residents from Nassau County and Suffolk County. For those interested, read more about places to find Long Island scrap metal. 

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