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Cash for Cars Long Island

Why should you sell your junk car to Irving's Recyclables, Inc?

The time will come when your vehicle does not function safely or needs costly repairs. You can always try to sell your used car through an online listing. This route, however, may be more trouble than it is worth. Factor in the time to coordinate a meeting with a potential buyer. Then entertain their bargaining for a lower price. Ain't nobody got time for that! That is why our Long Island junk car recycling services at Irving's Recyclables is the way to go when getting rid of an older car.

Vintage Long Island junk cars are commonly less efficient with fuel. They do not have the latest technology for reducing air pollution and other emissions. The metals from vehicles use approximately 75% percent less energy than making new material. Recycled steel is cheaper, because new ore is not mined. And due to the raw steel required for producing new steel, the material in North America is recycled more than paper, plastic and glass.

Help Protect the Environment

Recycling Long Island junk cars reduces the amount of non-sustainable materials created that would be used for a new car. Selling a damaged junk car to a local scrap metal yard brings you money but also helps to protect the environment. Getting any wasteful materials off the streets and into a recycling center is a huge plus!

We are conveniently located in Amityville, New York, but service people across both Suffolk and Nassau county. Come see us to determine how much cash you can get for your junk cars or junk trucks today! There are many aspects in a car that feature junk parts. They can be broken down and reused, creating a more healthy environment, as less manufacturing is needed. And did I mention you earn a little money as well? So what do you have to lose!

Junk cars from the 2000's

While this decade doesn't seem that long ago, there are already candidates from this era which are welcome additions for cashing in for your junk cars on Long Island. Technology is always advancing in the automobile industry, though once in a while new ideas turn out to be duds. We perform junk car recycling for those vehicles that no longer perform on the road. It is a win-win decision. Help the environment on Long Island, while also getting cash for your cars. So bring those junk cars to our Suffolk County location today! 


Jaguar X-Type

While the model was produced through most of the decade, the X-Type did not meet its sales expectations. Ford had taken over Jaguar and decided to apply some features from the Mondeo. Seemed like a good idea at the time. Unfortunately, consumers were turned off by the lesser-quality Jag. The company was looking to cash in on the entry-level luxury craze. But it backfired and ended production in 2009.

Lincoln LS

This classy looking Lincoln started off strong on the market. In fact, the sedan was named car of the year by Motor Trend. Unfortunately, it lost steam just a few years later. Sales dropped significantly by 2005, even following literally hundreds of improvements. This model design was based on the Ford DEW98, the company’s rear-wheel, midsize template. Among the problems with this car was the high cost of replacement parts and issues with transmission.

Kia Carnival

Also known as the Sedona, this minivan first appeared in the late 90s. While “Carnival” is a somewhat unimpressive name for a car, the vehicle is now in its third generation and has since been marketed by Hyundai as the Entourage. Believing it would help to sell better, Kia decided to call it a “multi-purpose vehicle.” The latest models feature entry without key, alloy wheels and satellite radio. In 2009, the Entourage was actually declared to be one of the safety cars and was one of the cheapest to insure.


Subaru Impreza

The second generation of this car was introduced in this decade. A bit larger than its previous incarnation, this Impreza showed several improvements. When this Subaru model was first issued in the early 90s, it was a replacement for the maker’s now-classic looking Leone. Even during the early manufacturing of the Leone, the vehicle was installed with the exclusive "boxer" or "flat" engine.

Toyota Scion tC

Scion was established in 2003 mainly as an attraction to younger buyers. With its sporty features leading the way, it saw some initial success on its launch. However, after a few years of diminishing falling sales, Toyota decided to cancel its Scion brand, making it a viable cash for cars candidate on Long Island. Three Scion models are transitioning over to Toyota to begin production in 2017.

Ford Taurus 

It was redesigned in the year 2000 and saw a surge in sales and popularity. It saw an upgrade in features and rewarded car buyers with a smooth ride. And Ford's Personal Safety System added an extra layer of safety for passengers, as well as newly designed seat belts and air bags that deflated at different rates. However, it has been a long time since this car saw an audience in the car market and the mid-size version of the car ended production in 2007, making way for the more modern feeling full-size model.

Jeep Grand Cherokee 

The 2000 model of the Jeep Grand Cherokee revolutionized the Jeep consumer-base and put this car in the forefront of people's minds, especially those interested in off-roading. Interestingly enough, this car actually performed better off-road than it did on highways, where the drive system often caused a bit of drive-line whine. However, the mid-size model that was wildly popular faded and ended production in 2010, which means car parts for it may become more expensive to find.

Junk cars from the 1990s


There are several vehicles from the 1990s that may qualify for Long Island cash for cars. Included on this list is the Honda Accord and Civic, Toyota Camry and Corolla, Jeep Wrangler, Ford F-150, Mustang, Lexus sedan, Ford Ranger, Buick station wagon, Chevy, Nissan, Mazda, Acura, Audi, BMW, Cadillac, Buick Regal, Chevy Malibu, Chrysler Cirrus, Dodge Daytona, Ford Explorer, Hyundai Accent and Kia Sportage. Our location in Amityville, NY is convenient for customers with junk cars in Nassau County and Suffolk County.


Dodge Durango

In the late 90s, Dodge introduced the first generation, which was modeled after the Dakota. While assembled in Delaware, the Durango is now a contender for Long Island cash for cars. The power of this SUV can handle a tow up to 9k lb. Comfortably holding seven or eight people, this truck-style SUV had a raised roof to fit stadium type seating in the third row. This way people in the back row can see what's going on in the front.


Lexus GS300

The early 1990s saw the release of this higher end sports sedan. Lexus is actually a branch of Toyota. In fact, the GS300 was actually modeled after the Toyota Aristo. This Lexus was issued for a few years. When it first came out, many people viewed it as one of the most affluent vehicles on the market. 1996-97 models had five-speed automatic transmission. Previously they had four. That's an upgrade.


Oldsmobile Intrigue
Before Oldsmobile was phased out completely, the Intrigue was rolled off the assembly line. This potential junk car was created to replace the Cutlass Supreme and keep up with the Japanese market. Although this vehicle only lasted a few years and ended production in 2002, it was in some notable science fiction movies. It was featured in the highway chase scene in The Matrix Reloaded and was promoted and showcased in the 1998 X-Files movie. The model's launch coincided with the release of The X-Files: Fight the Future, as the producers of the film felt the car's name and appearance fit with the overall aesthetic and feel of the franchise. They even launched a promotional campaign around the US. Now, it is another candidate for our cash for cars program for Long Island car owners.



Anyone remember when these military size vehicles were introduced? It was all the rage, though most people couldn't afford this big and bulky cash for Long Island car. The most appealing aspect to the Hummer was it's ability to travel over any terrain. That is until you run over some sharp objects and get a flat tire. Regardless, this beast of a utility vehicle still commands the roads today. The hummer ended production in the US ended in 2010, but what is dead may never die and the hummer could come back at any point.


Ford Aspire

Do you remember this small egg shape car? Neither do we. It was mostly a failure. Meant as a replacement for the Festiva, acceleration of the Aspire was poor. The vehicle was in production for only a few years until the pulling of the plug, making it a cash for cars candidate for Long Island residents.

Dodge Ram

Although this American staple originated in the early 80s, the Ram was given a long-delayed revamping in 1994. The design sought to differentiate itself from the biggest competing trucks from Ford and Chevy. As a result, the Ram was noted for its larger grille and front-end appearance similar to a tractor trailer cab. The vehicle was a huge success, further assisted in mainstream pop culture by receiving a starring role in the tornado movie Twister.

Dodge Viper

The Dodge Viper began production in 1992, but it has been recently announced that Dodge is discontinuing its service of its once wildly popular sports car. The plant which makes the Viper will be closing as well, which makes the sports car an option for a future junk car, seeing that some parts may become difficult to find if the owner runs into trouble. To help the launch of the new Viper, a TV series called "Viper" aired as a promotional tool. Surprisingly, the show, which was a series about a special task force set up by the federal government to fight crime in the fictional city of Metro City, California, ran four seasons.


Cadillac Catera

Billed as the Caddy that “zigs” (whatever that means), the Catera lasted for only a few years. The vehicle experienced a plethora of problems, including oil leaks and a failing crankshaft position sensor. It really did not live up to the quality for which Cadillac is known. If you still own one in Suffolk County or Nassau County, our junk car recycling program on Long Island would be a nice, final destination for the now defunct car.


Junk Cars from the 1980's


Junk cars from the 1980s are now classics. Even the infamous economical Yugo, which was $4000 brand new in the mid-80s. Some people would like to forget this vehicle existed. If you happen to have one, preserving and maintaining one of these is admirable. If the automobile was neglected and sitting in someone's backyard, it's a different story. 

Many now-classic cars from this era may be considered a Long Island junk car for which you'll get cash. This includes Buick Century, Ford Escort, Mercury Tracer, Jeep Gladiator, Ford Fairmont, Lincoln Continental, Honda Civic, Chevy Blazer, Renault Alliance, Toyota Corolla, Subaru XT, Pontiac Grand Am, Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme and the formerly exciting Ford Taurus which is seen in
the video to the right.


Buick Regal

This popular cash for car actually appeared in the early 70s, though was revamped ten years later. After the Regal was given a sporty look, it was recruited by NASCAR for the racetrack. In fact, the Regal was driven by Richard Petty, one of the top competitors. Cars racing around the track is hugely popular in this country.


Ford Escort

The Ford Escort became a quintessential vehicle for the U.S in the 1980s. Debuting in
1981, the Escort featured front-wheel drive, four-cylinder engine and independent suspension. A four-speed manual transmission was standard. The base model could be purchased with none of the extra bells and whistles. Mercury’s version was named Lynx. The following year, improvements were made to the Escort and it became one of the best selling cars of its era.

Chevy Cavalier

First appearing in the early 80's, the various versions of the Cav included two-door and four door sedans, hatchback, convertible and station wagon. In Mexico, the Cav had the same style as the Pontiac Sunbird. There’s the zinger.

According to the commercial from 1985, the Cavalier "comforts your very soul." Just look at the exuberance shown by the people in  the video. By the way, most of the words used for a vehicle model are meaningful and originated hundreds of years ago. Cavalier, for example, has quite a historical background.


Nissan Pathfinder

While many modifications have been made to the Pathfinder, it has continued to roll off the assembly line for the last three decades. Several sub-models of the vehicle are considered to be a "crossover utility vehicle," which borrows from the commonly known SUV. Yet it also maintains features of a standard compact sedan. 

Dodge Aries/Plymouth Reliant

A fairly successful car, as over two million were built. It was attractive to Americans as it was family-friendly. cheap, good on gas and relatively reliable. However, its boxy design did not leave it to be desired for further generations, which meant its staying power on the market was not long and wound up being a popular junk car in America. One side not, though, is that it did help keep Chrysler afloat in the 80s, so not all bad news!

Hyundai Pony

This car found marginal success in the marketplace, since it was cheap and fairly reliable for other cars in its price range. The passenger side mirror was a luxury feature on the car, which is wild to think about nowadays. Its biggest pull was its engine, which lured in the more savvy car-buyer, but the cheap steel ultimately did this car in and became another popular junk car from the 80s, though few survived past a decade. However, this spunky little car paved the way for Hyundai's future success in the North American market. Gotta start somewhere!



Station Wagons

The seeds of the station wagon were planted at early railroad stops. They actually served as a taxi cab. Parts of this vehicle were made of wood! If you grew up in the 1980s, you might remember station wagons for family trips or group activities with your fifth grade elementary school friends. Now it's all about the SUV and minivan. Times have changed. And the automobile companies know that, which is why station wagons have become ideal candidates in our cash for cars program.


1991 Honda Accord

While the sedan was already a popular model in the Honda collection, the Accord station wagon came to fruition in the early 1990s. The design was based on the Accord sedan, though allowed for twice as much space without the back seat down. Following the growing popularity and evolution of the SUV, this Long Island cash for cars candidate was discontinued in 1998.


2000 Saturn L-Series

This wagon, assembled in Wilmington, Delaware, appeared for a limited number of years starting in 2000. The L-series wagon had either a straight-4 or V6 engine. Unfortunately, it had some flaws and did not sell well, resulting in the end of the series. You will, however, still see this model on Long Island roads today. Saturn followed up this group of vehicles with the pleasantly named Aura. 


1992 Peugot 505

This station wagon was offered from 1979 up until 1992 and was the final car for the company in America. This wagon had a surprisingly impressive variety of engines for a foreign car manufactured in the US and had a large interior capable of seating eight people. The 505 kept the Peugot brand alive in the states or years, until more station wagons started hitting the market. This was due to the fact that this car offered more room than Japanese station wagons at the time.

1979 Mercury Colony Park

This automobile debuted in 1979 and was unabashedly huge and was a sign of the times. Giant faux wood sidings with a long roof, this car faded out of style by 1990 and actually ended production by 1991. In sales terms, 1985 was its peak year. but then gradually became less and less popular before fading into the memory books of childhood pasts.

Toyota Cressida

This wagon came out a few years before the wildly popular Toyota Camry. The Cressida model first debuted in 1985 and was considered a luxury vehicle at the time. It had a very modern interior, which consisted of cruise control, memory tilt-steering wheel, power-everything and stylish aerodynamic headlights. However, this model was only in production for two years.

Volkswagen Quantum

The US started selling this model in 1982 and was a solid improvement over the previous Dasher lineup. However, it still came with very little horsepower and the interior design left a lot to be desired, as it was simple and gray, which in turn made the woody wagons seem much more appealing. In short, there was nothing very interesting about this vehicle and ended production before 1990 due to its dated feel.

Importance of Recycling Junk Cars, Buses and Trucks

Junk Cars Suffolk County

Junk cars can be recycled just like Long Island scrap metal and it provides a number of benefits to the environment. Nearly every junk car has a frame made of steel. When that steel is recycled, iron ore is saved. And since coal is required to refine iron ore into steel, every ton of steel that is recycled saves close to a half ton of coal. Are you still reading this? Great, thank you. You must like the environment, but there's more.

The limestone that is destroyed for mining coal is saved, therefore protecting resources and saving time and energy. For junk cars, recycling can be done at Irving's. The scrap metal of all junk vehicles also reduces the amount of waste in landfills and stops dangerous chemicals from going into our groundwater.

Cuts Down On Manufacturing

Recycling the steel of junk trucks, cars and buses halts the need to create new steel. This cuts the need to refine iron ore and make it into new steel for new cars. It is more efficient to melt down the old steel and re-make it than to mine for iron ore, send it to a refinery and use energy to form the steel. Coal-burning plants and refineries are the biggest contributor to greenhouse gases. Irving Recyclables  makes it a mission statement to help reduce the amount of these gases in the air. 

Bring In Abandoned Vehicles

Cars left abandoned on the side of the road or in empty lots are legally permitted to be obtained by licensed dismantlers in order to be safely converted into reusable and/or recycled commodities. We do this service for any number of vehicle types, including junk buses. Help keep Long Island clean and recycle your junk vehicles or alert us of suspected abandoned vehicles. Our cash for cars program welcomes any kind of vehicle! 

Long Island's Cash For Cars Program

Irving's Recyclables, Inc. is proud to offer our safe and efficient junk vehicle recycling methods to the people of Long Island. Our commitment to superior customer support allows us to provide you with the highest quality junk vehicle recycling services. Our professional technicians and mechanics will ensure you get the most cash for your junk cars, trucks or even buses on Long Island. For more information on what we offer and how we can help you, contact us today. We will gladly assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

We welcome junk cars, junk trucks and junk buses from Wantagh, Amityville, Massapequa, Farmingdale, Bay Shore, Lindenhurst, Babylon, Bethpage, Huntington and other towns in Suffolk County and Nassau County across the Long Island area.