Long Island Junk Trucks

Just like junk cars, junk trucks can be recycled on Long Island as part of our cash for cars program. At Irving's Recyclables, we have these capabilities. And in this process, you can nab some extra money while also helping out the environment. Pretty cool, huh?

There are harmful parts of junk trucks that should not simply be discarded. Among those the battery. Though this aspect does not make you much money, by recycling it you are keeping dangerous chemicals being kept away from the environment. Another is oil filters. Again, not a huge profit-bringer, but disposing of it properly can help save the environment, because engine oil does not wear out. So, by bringing it in, you will be putting it in good hands.

But what makes junk trucks and cars valuable? There are a few items in each car that are the reasons behind your car's value. One of the most coveted pieces in any car is the catalyic converter. This piece is valuable because it contains palladium, rhodium, or platinum. These are precious metals that give the junk trucks more resale value when turning in to us to be recycled.

Popular Junk Trucks

Dodge Dakota Pickup

This truck began production way back in 1987, but declining sales led to its end in 2010. The plant will produce a light-duty version of the truck, but the heavy duty version lost interest. Sales for the truck peaked in 2000, but began losing popularity ever since. This model was on the smaller side and truck owners began looking for larger options. 

Chevy Avalanche 

The Chevy Avalanche began production in 2001, but only lasted until 2013. This truck's sales boomed between 2002 and 2004, but quickly began to decline. It had a plastic cladding as a distinguishing feature in an attempt to set itself apart from other trucks, most notably the Yukon XL. However, the cladding quickly faded on the vehicle over time due to exposure to heat and sunlight. Ironically, it was marketed as being able to "change from a SUV to a super SUV," but that super did not last long. Its flash in the pan style fizzled by the last 2000s, until it left production for good. Now, it is a viable junk truck option.

Ford Ranger

This truck was sold by Ford from 1983 to 2012. Between the years of 1987 and 2004, this vehicle was the best selling compact truck in the United States. Interestingly enough, Ford announced that it would be making a comeback in 2019. What is dead may never die.

Honda Element

The Element is a compact crossover that was manufactured by Honda in Ohio. It offered drivers front-wheel or all-wheel drive. Production on the vehicle began in December of 2002 and it started out well, as the market for compact SUVs was small at the time. However, inevitably sales for the vehicle dwindled and Honda halted production in 2011. The first year of sales beat the final three years of sales combined. So it was easy to see why production of the Element stopped.

1994 Dodge Ram

The 1994 Dodge Ram was a game-changer for Dodge and their pickup truck business. This truck had a somewhat polarizing design, with its headlights down by the fenders and a massively large grille. The Ram models from just a year earlier sold just 95,000, but this new model sold over 230,000. That is a huge increase in sales and made Dodge trucks relevant again. However, it has been many years since this truck was introduced to the market, which makes it a great candidate for a junk truck and perhaps if you are the owner of one, it would be easier to simply recycle the parts rather than invest in maintaining it.

Long Island Junk Trucks

Irving's Recyclables services residents across Long Island (Suffolk County and Nassau County). If you have or know of junk trucks that can be recycled, contact us today. The number to call is (631) 842-1222. We have years of experience in this field and can provide you with expert service and advice with what to do with your older truck and its parts. And not only will you be making some extra money, you will also be helping the environment by ridding it of harmful materials. So what is there to lose? Come on down today and recycle any junk trucks today! We are open Monday through Saturday, but advise that you call ahead first.