Long Island Scrap Metals

Are you interested in making a few extra bucks collecting scrap metal? If so, bring it down to Irving's Recyclables, because we will buy your scrap metal from you for price the market dictates. Scrap metal can be found at locations across Long Island. The list of scrap metals we buy is long, but it is still worth checking out what we purchase before heading down. Don't currently have nay scrap metal? Well, there are plenty of places to find scrap metal on Long Island.

Places to Find Scrap Metal on Long Island


Dumpsters can yield a treasure-trove of scrap metals. You never know what you might uncover if you search for scrap metal in a dumpster. Dumpsters close to auto repair shops, apartment complexes, appliance stores and repair shops might be your best bet to find the scrap metal you are looking for. Computer parts, extension cords, small and large appliances, metal parts and other scrap metal could be collected from a dumpster near a business like that on a regular basis. Be sure to always ask the business owners before going through their dumpster in search of scrap metal.

Farms and Ranches

Long Island is filled with farms, especially out east in Suffolk County. You can check out old dump sites used by farmers, where you could find old fencing, farm machinery, mechanical parts, tools, and other types of equipment dumped by farmers. But before you go exploring dump spots, speak with the owner of the property first. 

Hospitals, Walk-In Clinics, and Assisted Living Centers

At these places, you could find scrap metal ranging from beds to wheelchairs to walkers to appliances. For one of these locations, scheduling a meeting with an administrator and explaining to them your free scrap metal removal service would be the best way to establish a relationship. Many businesses are unsure what to do with their old scrap metal, so you would be providing them with a much needed service.

Construction Sites 

Before you choose a construction site as your source, you need to understand that you should never take items from construction sites, not even from those dumpsters in the property, without prior written permission. If you do not have permission, you might open yourself up to being accused of scrap metal theft. However, if you do manage to strike a deal with a construction company or contractor, it could generate a nice, substantial source of scrap metal while helping them clear their job site of unwanted debris.


Post a listing in Craigslist offering your scrap metal services to Long Island. People looking to unload scrap metal in Suffolk County and Nassau County might not want to do the work of getting rid of scrap metal themselves or pay someone to get rid of unwanted scrap metal for them. This is where you come in. Regularly posting on Craigslist could boost your ability to track down some valuable Long Island scrap metal.

Local Businesses and Repair Shops

Small scale repair shops and local business in Suffolk County and Nassau County could have a lot of metal parts and appliances that they want removed from their property. Visit your neighborhood shops and let them know you're interested in removing their scrap metal. Emphasizing that you offer this Long Island scrap metal removal service for free could force their hand when choosing who to remove their unwanted scrap metal. 

Storage Companies

Oftentimes, storage companies need renters items removed. Contact local storage companies in Suffolk County and Nassau County offering up your services in removing these items. Many storage places contain valuable pieces of Long Island scrap metal that could make your trip worthwhile. Also, find out who is involved in storage auctions. Perhaps the people who buy abandoned storage spaces will not want junk, as they deem it valueless. You can swoop in and empty out the unit if there is valuable Long Island scrap metal.

Get Cash For Your Scrap Metal Today

If you bring down your scrap metal to our premises, you won't only be making a few bucks, you will also be helping the environment. Roughly only 30% of scrap metal is currently recycled, so there is plenty of material across Nassau and Suffolk County in need of recovery. Here is a list of some popular places you could find scrap metal. But before you go out, make sure you are going about the process legally. For more information about scrap metals, cash for cars or any other service we offer, contact us today. We will gladly assist you with any questions or concerns you might be have. We are open Monday-Saturday. Please call 631-842-1222 for hours if you are planning on bringing down any metals to be recycled.