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Prices change daily depending on market, but our services are trusted and reliable. Money is great, we know, but it is also important to bring in older metals to be recycled because it helps the environment. So it is a win/win if you bring in your scrap metal to our Long Island scrap yard. We look forward to seeing you drop by!

If we can't buy your scrap metal, we can give you advice on where to take it. We take a wide range of scrap metals that you can find right here on Long Island! For more information about all we offer, please contact us today! We will gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have about our scrap metal services.

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Conveniently located in Amityville, Suffolk County on the south shore of Long Island, New York. We will help you unload your vehicle and scrap metal. Bring your car batteries, radiators, electric motors, catalytic converters or factory scrap metal! Pick-up service is also available. Located near Gershow, Two Brothers, North Shore and Hesh's Recycling.


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Come to Irving's and get cash for your industrial scrap metal Long Island needs! Recycling scrap metal is important to keeping the environment clean. Do your part and recycle older metals today.

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Scrap Metal Types

There are various types of scrap metals that can be brought down and scrapped for cash. Below is a little more information regarding scrap metals that can be found on Long Island.


Aluminum is a tough yet lightweight rust-resistant metal found in the Earth's crust in combination with other elements. The United States aluminum industry is the world's largest. Statistics indicate that consumers here go through enough cans to accumulate a weight in aluminum weight equal to roughly 3 billion pounds each year. Aluminum is the most valued among commonly recycled metals. Unlike many materials, it can be recycled over and over again. Foil can actually be put into your recycling bin at home. As a matter of fact, several auto makers have been choosing aluminum for car hoods and panels.



Brass is a gold-colored alloy of copper and zinc. Alloys are a merging of two different metals, or they can be a metal combined with an element. Brass also contains approximately 2% lead, which is added to improve mach-inability. Brass is commonly used in decorative, mechanical and architectural functions. Brass can be found in locks, gears, door knobs, valves, plumbing fixtures, electrical appliances and musical instruments.



A reddish brown metal with a metallic luster, copper is one of the most valuable Long Island scrap metals. It is found in plumbing pipes, roofing materials, motors, cookware, electrical wires and air conditioners. Alloys such as brass and bronze are made with copper. The substance has been sought after by artists, machinists and architects because of its malleability and conductivity. Only silver has a higher electrical conductivity. Copper is a necessary component in the motors, wiring, radiators, connectors, brakes and bearings used in cars and trucks. The average automobile is comprised of anywhere from 45 to 100 pounds of copper depending on size and quality level.

There are actually two kinds of copper labeled in the scrap metal recycling industry: #1 and #2. #1 is number one for a reason. This is more of a pure, raw copper that has not had any other substance added to it. #2 will usually have soldered joints or some other material that has been embedded. There is actually a #3 copper which is not mentioned as much. This is a "light" copper and has less value. The material is usually found as a sheet that is less than 1/16" thick.


Scrap Metal Suffolk County


Cast, pig and wrought are types of iron, which is the second most common metal in the planet's crust. Combined with small amounts of carbon, this Long Island scrap metal produces steel. Pig is an elemental form of cast iron. Speaking of cast, there are many types of this form which are named based on the color (white, gray, etc). 



Lead is a bluish-white lustrous metal. It is soft and highly malleable. It is very resistant to corrosion but tarnishes when exposed to air. The most important commercial use of lead is in lead-acid storage batteries. It is also used in plumbing and in alloys such as fusible metals and anti-friction metals. Lead is used for covering cables and as a lining for laboratory sinks and tanks.



Nickel is a lustrous, silver metallic element that is commonly present in the earth's crust. It is one of the most frequently used metals and applied in over 300,000 different products. Nickel is largely used in alloys, particularly with chromium and other metals to produce stainless and heat-resistance steels. These are used for pots, pans, kitchen sinks, food processing equipment and medical equipment. All of these products are top candidates for Long Island scrap metal.

Stainless Steel

This metal is found in hardware, knives, kitchenware, medical tools, canteens, commercial equipment and much more. Stainless steel does not corrode or stain. It has many levels of grade and several different finishes. These qualities make it appropriate for use with food. There are some pretty amazing sculptures created with stainless steel, some of which were made by artist Jeff Koons. These large works of art resemble balloon animals and have a brightly colored, reflective surface.

Due to its great ability to combat corrosion, particularly at higher temperatures, stainless steels are extensively used in the power generation industry, flue gas desulfarization units, nuclear power industry and in the creation of special louvered ventilation shafts. Stainless steel is great with the nuclear energy and is used for both power generation and radiation containment. And in case of emergencies, the ventilation shafts are used to seal off power plants for years, if necessary. 

Cars are also making an increased use of stainless steel. That industry primarily uses the metal for exhaust systems and catalytic converters, but it is also used for structural purposes. Due to its long life span and resistance to corrosion, this metal helps with long term maintenance costs and has less of an impact on the environment. As society trends in this direction, stainless steel in cars will only increase over time. Steelmaking is also an important factor in the scrap metal process.

Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals

These are the primary groups of metals. The main difference is that ferrous metal contains iron and non-ferrous does not embody iron. Ferrous  metals includes steel, cast iron and wrought iron. Non-ferrous metals includes copper, brass, lead, silver and aluminium. Brass, as mentioned, is a combo of copper and zinc.

Ferrous scrap metals on Long Island are commonly found in railroads, tools, knives, vehicles and pipes. Rust forms on most ferrous metals, excluding wrought iron and stainless steel. Another noteworthy characteristic of this type is that it is magnetic. Most of the metals in the world that are recycled are ferrous. Remember, it's all about the iron content.

Scrap History in the U.S.

In order to obtain materials for military gear during WWII, the United States conducted scrap metal drives. They needed substances such as copper and tin for weaponry. Although previous cultures had recycled scrap metal, this is when recycling really began in the U.S. People in small towns had their own drives to help the military. And it wasn't only metals. Paper was gathered for packaging and rubber car tires were converted for use with gas masks. Today, scrap metal throughout Long Island and the world is continuously salvaged. Remember, nothing ever disappears. It only transforms.

Scrap Metal Re-purposing

Aside from recycling metal, people have actually re-configured the materials. All sorts of imaginative sculptures exist throughout the world. So many possibilities for Long Island scrap metal. There are many uses for Long Island scrap metal. With how green our society is moving towards, nothing goes to waste. Help keep the earth clean by recycling and reusing metal. Leaving it around to rust is harmful.

Items Consisting of Metal

Aside from the metal substances themselves, many household and office products contain metal to recycle. Washing machines, refrigerators, computers, circuit boards, printers, scanners, telecom equipment and electric motors are just some of the candidates. If you are not sure if your item will be accepted, feel free to ask us. There are common metal items that are found in Nassau County and Suffolk County and can be considered useful scrap metals. These metals can be brought down to out facilities and recycled for some extra cash!

Places to Find Scrap Metal on Long Island

If you don't actually have the materials in your home, there are many places to find scrap metal across Long Island. Just make sure that your methods are legal. There are people that steal copper pipes from old industrial sites. This is not an honest route. The first spots to check are dumpsters, river banks and the sides of roads. Really, wherever in Nassau County or Suffolk County you think people would be discarding materials.

Beyond this, try stopping at Long Island businesses that work with metals. They may have extra parts that might have been too heavy for them to move out. Construction companies or auto parts shops are good candidates. This might be a given, but when you are searching for scrap metal on Long Island, drive a van or pickup truck. You never know when you'll stumble upon a goldmine of metal. The copper, steel or brass could be gone before you go back for more. Those metals are in high demand.

Long Island Scrap Metal Recycling

Irving's Recyclables has years of experience providing customers across Long Island with scrap metal services that they can trust. Start making some extra money and help the environment at the same time! If you have any questions about scrap metal in Suffolk County or Nassau County, contact us today. The number to call is 631-842-1222. We will happily answer any questions you may have about scrap metal you are interested in recycling. Calling ahead will also ensure that the scrap and junk that you are bringing down can be recycled on our premises.

We accept scrap metal from all citizens across Long Island, Nassau County & Suffolk County including; Wantagh, Amityville, Massapequa, Farmingdale, Bay Shore, Lindenhurst, Babylon, Bellmore, Seaford & Bethpage.