Uses For Scrap Metal

At Irving's Recyclables, we buy and recycle scrap metal from residents and businesses across Suffolk and Nassau County. After recycling, scrap metal can be reused for a plethora of purposes, both at home and in the manufacturing industry. It is an important to recycle not only here on Long Island, but across the country as well. By recycling, you may be able to make a few bucks or by reusing it you will be breathing in new life to forgotten materials. Either way, you will be keeping it from languishing on the earth and help keep the environment clean.

Reuse of Scrap Metals

Scrap metal can be reused many times to make a variety of new and different products. Aluminum, copper, steel, brass and iron are a just a few plentiful scrap metals for reusable purposes. Much of the scrap metal recycled on Long Island goes into the manufacturing of completely new items. These items may include appliances, such as refrigerators, or general building materials. Cars and aircraft parts are some of the more common manufactured items that have a high concentration of scrap metal, as well as duct-work, plumbing and industrial containers.

New food packaging is another area that sees recycled scrap metal. Aluminum and steel are commonly used as new food packaging material and most canned goods contain a percentage of recycled scrap metal. In fact, many are made from 100% recycled materials now in a more concerted effort to manufacture eco-friendly products.

Scrap Metal Disposal Facility

Cars also see lots of recycled materials involved in their manufacturing process. Up to 95% of the metals in a car can be reused, which creates a type of work environment that promotes recycling. This sort of promotion is great for our earth, as less metals and toxic solutions are left out to rust. And by reusing materials, that in turn allows for less new products to be manufactured. Limiting the carbon dioxide of factories into the atmosphere is a huge environmental benefit.

Long Island Scrap Metal Recycling

Irving's Recyclables has years of experience in the industry. We services customers from across Long Island. If you would like to learn more about scrap metal and its uses, please contact us today and give us a call at 631-842-1222. We can help you with any questions or concerns you might have about scrap metal. We can also help you value whatever metals are in your possession. We are open Monday-Saturday, but call ahead if you are planning on bringing down any metals you wish to scrap as our hours may differ.